About 11 years ago, I discovered eventing. I took a road trip with 2 friends from the barn to Kentucky and was introduced to Rolex Kentucky. From that moment on, I wanted to partake. Unfortunately, I have gotten in my own way too many times to have the opportunity to advance in the direction I want to go, but I am bound and determined to make up for my mistakes and kick on for the big time! For me, that means a big move East, which will be happening in the next couple of years (sooner, if I can!). This blog is to serve as a log of what I do to get where I need to be, so that I can look back and see how far I have come.

PROGRESS is the main theme of this blog. Check back often for posts on what I am doing to reach my goals. It may be as small of a step as not stopping for that fast food dinner so that I can save the $5 to a big step like signing a lease on my place in [insert Eastern state here, please choose from: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia]. No matter what, ONWARD AND EASTWARD and welcome to The Start Box!


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