Getting ready for Kentucky!

I can’t believe that my favorite time of year is right around the corner! I feel like it was only yesterday that I was experiencing premature withdrawal from Rolex as we were driving back after the awards ceremony. This year, a few girlfriends from the barn are coming with me, some of them for the first time. There is nothing I love more than first timers at Rolex! We are driving up on Thursday night and we got passes for Friday to watch some dressage, shop, and go on the Practical Horseman course walk with Jim Wofford. We also have a tour scheduled at the beautiful Three Chimneys Farm, home to racing heavyweights Big Brown, Dynaformer, and Point Given. And of course, Saturday is cross country day!!! Insert happy dance here. Seriously, there is nothing better than cross country in Kentucky. I heard some sad news that Boyd Martin has withdrawn his veteran campaigner, Ying Yang Yo, because of an eye injury that kept him out of The Fork as well. I was so excited to see this horse go in person. But. Horse comes first!

The last time Ying Yang Yo competed at the 4* level, this happened

Either way, though, it should be a fantastic weekend. I plan on updating nightly and possibly from my phone as well, so be prepared for picture and video overload!

More later! Onward and eastward!

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